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Event Crew

Working on events for Action Challenge is very rewarding and can certainly give you the event experience you have always been after...

You don’t have to be the most experienced event worker out there, neither do you need to sustain all the knowledge in the challenge events industry, but here are a couple of things you will need - lots of enthusiasm, a willingness to get stuck in and a desire to work well as a team.

If this sounds like you, becoming a part of the Event Staff will be a breeze…


As part of the Event Crew you will based at a rest-stop somewhere between the Start of the challenge and the Finish-Line, this is dependent on what location you will be traveling from and what you are happy to do. 

The day before the challenge takes place is the set-up day. We require staff to help with event infrastructure, logistics and unpacking of equipment. Depending on your selected rest-stop (which will be based on your current geographic location) you can expect to be helping organise the hospitality side of things or arranging the marquee and look and feel of an event site.


On event day(s) you will be tasked with a variety of roles from manning important information and registration areas to catering and snack stops, along with baggage areas and timing zones. You will be interacting with the participants, cheering them along whilst they continue their challenge. On our Ultra Challenges these event sites are dotted every 12.5KM along the route with our biggest sites at the start, mid-point and finish.