Staff Portal

Doctors & Medics

Every event we organise is accompanied by a Medic. Along with the expedition leaders or site managers, it’s your prerogative to oversee the health and physical well being of our participants. From running day to day clinics for the challengers and offering words of encouragement where required, to facilitating evacuations in medical emergencies, life is certainly never dull for our event Medics.

UK Opportunities

As we use doctors of all different levels on our UK challenge events we are always on the look-out for new Medical staff to join our team. Throughout our UK Ultra and Cycle Events we require medical support at every rest-stop which consist regularly of 8-12 hour shifts unless you desire to work more. For any new doctor it is a requirment that you work on one of our UK events before getting the chance to work abroad so we get the chance to meet and understand how you perform in the field.

We understand that working on UK events may not be a priority due to commitment in other areas of work, and an International challenge is always more enticing however; as you can imagine it’s important for us to not forget the significance of our UK events. Our International events are highly sought after and spaces are largely taken from Medics that have shown enthusiasm and committed themselves to work on our UK events. On these events it gives our Key Management Team a chance to meet you in the field, have a chat, and really build a relationship with each medic so we can get an idea of how to move things forward.  With over 70 international trips a year there is always an opportunity to go on one of our events.

International Qualifications

In order to qualify successfully as a International medic for Action Challenge, you must be a qualified Doctor with fantastic people skills, a love for the great outdoors, a real desire to help others to achieve their goals and also have personal or professional high altitude experience (3500m+ above sea level). Completion of an Expedition Medical course or similar and previous experience on high altitude treks are also highly desirable as is experience as a medic on an Action Challenge UK event. 

Medic Remuneration

Roles on our international expeditions are voluntary, however all expenses are paid. The only costs incurred to yourself being those for professional indemnity insurance, and personal medications. Action Challenge will provide your flights, ground logistics, travel insurance and medical equipment.